Labyrinth Frequently Asked Questions

walking3Labyrinth Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION/COMMENT: I’ve come here today to walk the labyrinth, but I’m not sure why. I just know things happened in such a way that I had the time to attend. It’s not describable really, because I was supposed to be doing something else today, but here I am.

ANSWER: "This is the comment heard most often: the coincidence of being "able" to attend. There was a woman who received a postcard telling of the labyrinth event. She felt that when she read the notice, it was intended for her. She went and was moved to begin a regular practice of walking the labyrinth. It has been the experience of others that when the call of spirit occurs, it very likely is not immediately understood. The stirring begins before we know what’s going on. I realize now that I was getting prepared for several years before I actually was able to hear the spirit calling me. First, I had to learn to slow down long enough to listen to the language of the spirit. This was not an easy process for me, a person used to doing things my way. The world beyond the world of the external asks that we surrender to it, to let go of our ego and listen as we walk in this sacred life".. Georgiana Lotfy

QUESTION/COMMENT: I started crying when I entered the labyrinth. Do other people feel this way? Why?

ANSWER: "It’s not unusual that one of the first experiences of walking the labyrinth results in tears. This is the healing power of the labyrinth. When we get beyond the distractions of the day, often the wounds that need healing are revealed. We are given an opportunity to heal by expressing our feelings. We are a too-busy and feeling- phobic society. There are very few places where crying is acceptable, so when we feel hurt, sad, grief, disappointment, betrayal, pain, or fear, we never allow these real feelings to be expressed. It is important to express these feelings so that we move through this to the next place in our lives, without taking the baggage of hurt with us. The labyrinth is a sacred place that is available to permit the time and safety for the expression of these feelings." Georgiana Lotfy

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